Friday, November 13, 2009

  Updated March 31, 2011 Sun as the rest of the telcoms has raised its price but it now includes 1000 sms and 175 hours of internet valid for 30 days and can be unlocked from a vendor in sulit classifieds for use on all networks and has a place to plug in an external antenna to allow better signal.  Smart is only offering 5 days validity with its usb plug it purchase while SUN and Globe fairly give you 30 days but note these have to be used with all telcoms in 30 minute blocks or 15 minutes with Globe which can use up your time much faster than unlimited plans The usb can be sometimes be purchased cheaper on Sulit classifieds such as this

Today Sun announced in ads in Philippine newspapers that they are now selling their SUN BROADBAND USB KIT NOW P888 with one day
unlimited iinternet. Offer valid November 14 to December 31

Sun 1 day unlimited internet for only 50 pesos Internet sim now only 50

pesos with 5 hours free  Sun in their ads today announced 50 pesos only promo for unlimited internet for one day.  The person who loads your load should use code SBW50.  Sadly they have only major coverage in Manila metro area at the present.  They also announced today that their SUN internet sim by itself is only nowP50 with 5 hours free surfing in your phone or in USB.

Smart Bro plug it KIT is now 995 with reviews & suggestions and speeds, open line modem, manual, antenna connections to improve signal  or unlimited surfing on their USB plug
it for P1500 a month.

Globe Tattoo plug KIT it is now 895 & suggestions and speeds reviews, open line to use on all services, where to buy antenna, how to unlock  Globe has an unlimited plan now for P2000 and a day plan for P20 limited surfing

Another alternative is SMART Bro Share it with antenna connection possible, read the reviews, manual, where to
buy antenna

You can get the Globe usb or the SUN usb unlocked read more about it at my plug it sites above to use with any sim and also an external antenna to boost signal. 

Smart now offers USB plug it modem for P999 (free 5 hours surfing) and Globe Tattoo USB  for P895 (free 5 hours surfing). 

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